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This conference will be co-hosted by the Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) and the Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). The topics to be addressed by the conference panels include: Mobile Technology Innovations to Support Community Resilience; Data Strategy to Support SDGs; Supporting Resilient Livelihoods and Strengthening Rural Infrastructure; Innovations, Partnerships and Policy Updates for Disaster Preparedness; Updates and Initiatives for Meeting Education SDGs; Improving Livelihoods and Safety of Displaced People; Lessons Learned from Recent Drought Crisis; Innovations and Reforms to Support Health SDGs; Humanitarian Logistics; Health & WASH Innovations; and Effective Partnerships for Aid and Development Programmes in East Africa.  


dates: 28 February – 1 March 2017  
venue: Safari Park Hotel  
location: Nairobi, Kenya  
contact: Aid & International Development Forum  
source: http://africa.aidforum.org/  

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