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Benefíciese del poder de Knoema Professional para trabajar con datos de todo el mundo.

  • Use intelligent search to access the world’s data— 3,2b+ time series from 1,2k+ sources

  • Explore global, regional, country, and industry data in the World Data Atlas

  • Visualize and compare data with over 20 chart, graph, and map options

  • Manipulate datasets by selecting variables and segments for analysis and comparison

  • Unlimited exports with multiple popular formats

  • Integration with Excel & Word

  • Customize and save dashboards for your reports that auto-update as new data is released

  • Receive curated industry data briefs that consolidate all relevant statistics for your industry

  • Customizable push notifications alert you when the data that is important to you is updated

Knoema Professional ofrece acceso ilimitado a datos y estadísticas con herramientas de análisis, visualización y presentación fáciles de usar por $69 / mes.

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