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Japan Dairy Association

J Milk (fka Japan Dairy Association) was established in April 2004 after the merger of three organisations which were The National Dairy Promotion and Research Association, National Council of School Milk Supply, National Dairy Intelligence Center. J Milk’s unique structure has realised the whole supply chain’s collaboration among producers, dairies and retailers. J Milk believes the importance of the reciprocal and stable relationship amongst relevant parties in supply chain of milk and dairy products, in order for Japanese dairy industry to: Contribute towards people’s health and good diet through stable supply of domestic milk and dairy products Build trusting relationship with consumers J Milk provides all forms of supports to the dairy industry and milk influencers (who can influence the production, distribution and consumption of milk and dairy products) by providing information helpful to solve the common problems for the dairy industry and also to enhance the value of the products.

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      Articles and statistics about milk and dairy products in Japan. The data includes price, production, sales, imports, etc. (Japanese only) Calendar Starts from Jan - Dec Fiscal Year April - March