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Statistics on Indian Economy and Society

This website is created and maintained by the Society for Social and Economic Research, New Delhi. A lot of statistics on Indian economy and society are available online. These are scattered across various websites and are mostly provided without any information on the sources, data definitions and limitations of these statistics. This website was conceived as a platform to host statistics on different aspects of the economy and society.

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    • mayo 2015
      Fuente: Statistics on Indian Economy and Society
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      Usami, Yoshifumi (2014), Agricultural Wages in India, 1973-74 to 1994-95, Statistics on Indian Economy and Society, http://www.indianstatistics.org/awi.html Data on rural wages are available from following sources. 1. Agricultural Wages in India published by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics 2. Wage Rates in Rural India published by the Labour Bureau
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    • diciembre 2011
      Fuente: Statistics on Indian Economy and Society
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      Acceso el: 12 agosto, 2015
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      Data on banking are primarily available from the Reserve Bank of India. There are three major sources of data: 1. Basic Statistical Returns of Scheduled Commercial Banks in India 2. Statistical Tables Relating to Banks in India 3. Trend and Progress of Banking in India

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