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Property Rights Alliance

Property Rights Alliance (PRA), and an affiliate of American’s for Tax Reform, stands as an advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of physical and intellectual property rights, both domestically and internationally.

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    • julio 2019
      Fuente: Property Rights Alliance
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      The 2019 IPRI ranks a total of 129 countries from around the world.The selection of countries was determined only by the availability of sufficient data. On average, the complete sample yielded an IPRI score of 5.726. Legal and Political Environment was the weakest component (5.16), followed by Intellectual Property Rights (5.55), while Physical Property Rights was the strongest component (6.47). This year we found a slight decrease of the IPRI score (-0.26%) and of one of its components (LP-1.07%, PPR+0.16% and IPR+0.2%). However, the maximum value of the 2019 IPRI score is higher than in previous years. Finland leads the 2019-IPRI (8.713) as well as the IPR component (8.90), followed by the USA (8.78) in IPR. Switzerland ranks 2nd overall (8.57) followed by New Zealand (8.51) who additionally leads the LP component (8.89). Singapore ranks 4th place overall (8.46) and leads the PPR component (8.71). The following countries continue the overall rankings: Australia, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Canada, USA, Denmark, Austria and the UK. The group of top 15 countries remains the same with a slightly different order from last year. Note: Only parent indicators present in 2018 report. Other indicators are collected from historical reports.

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