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Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell, India

Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell is the most authentic official source for data and policy analysis on the hydrocarbon sector in the country.

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    • septiembre 2019
      Fuente: Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell, India
      Subido por: Knoema
      Acceso el: 26 octubre, 2019
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      Data cited at: Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell (PPAC), GOI Refineries: Installed Capacity and Crude Oil Processing and Gross Refining Margins (GRM) For Indicator Crude oil processing (MMT): 2018 Annual values are Preliminary values, 2018 Monthly values are Actual values and 2019 Monthly values are Target Values      
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    • marzo 2018
      Fuente: Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell, India
      Subido por: Knoema
      Acceso el: 15 marzo, 2019
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      Indian Petroleum and Natural Gas Statistics - 2016-17 provides exhaustive data on oil & gas sector in India. In addition, this catalog also gives a glimpse of the global petroleum scenario through the latest international petroleum statistics. It contains data on various parameters including inter-alia production, exploration, refining, transportation and marketing, imports and exports of crude oil and petroleum products along with taxes and duties realized, man power employed in oil & gas CPSEs, outlays and annual expenditure, dividends paid, equity capital and profit of the CPSEs etc

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