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National Bank of Poland

Polish National Bank (NBP) is the central bank of the Republic of Polish. Performs the tasks set out in the Constitution Act, the Polish National Bank and the Banking Act. These laws guarantee the independence of the NBP from other state bodies. NBP has three basic functions: issuing bank, bank of banks and the central bank of the state. The bodies of the Polish National Bank are: the President of the NBP , the Monetary Policy Council and Board of National Bank of Poland. The main areas of activity of the NBP are: • Conduct of monetary policy. • Measures for the stability of the domestic financial system. • Business issue. • The development of the payment system. • Polish management of foreign exchange reserves. • Service of the State Treasury. • Educational activities and information.

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    • julio 2019
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      This data set contains among the groups with a significant share in total retail sales. It is higher than average increase in June 2019 compared to the corresponding period of 2018 (at constant prices) was observed in enterprises conducting other retail sales in non-specialized stores (by 9.3% against an increase of 9.6% the year before) and in entities trading in motor vehicles, motorcycles, parts (by 5.1% against an increase by 9.8% a year before). Within groups with a lower share in total retail sales the highest increase was reported by units from group “textiles, clothing, footwear” (by 12.9%). A decrease in sales was recorded in the groups: “others” (by 3.9%), “food, beverages and tobacco products” (by 1.5%) and “newspapers, books, other sale in specialized stores” (by 0.7%)

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