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Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Saudi Arabia

The first organization of the municipalities in the Kingdom became one of the basic instructions of the Kingdom issued by the Royal Decree on 21/2/1345 AH; The eighth section of these instructions was issued by the Municipal Councils. The Ninth Section was appointed by the Municipal Management Committees. This was followed by the promulgation of the Municipal Department Law in 1346H in sixty two articles to organize the administration of the Municipality of Makkah Al Karma, Mina and Al-Shahdah, which was considered an integral system of sections VIII and IX of the Instructions Basic Queen. In 1357 AH, the municipal and municipal secretariat system was issued, which is the first independent system for municipalities in (83) articles. This system has abolished the provisions of the Municipal Councils, which are included in the Basic Regulations, and abolished the previous municipal council system. Article (6) of the Secretariat of the Capital provided that the Secretariat of the Capital shall be the Public Prosecution and the reference of municipalities in the rest of the Kingdom of the administrative authorities. In 1382 AH, as a result of the growth of municipal services provided to citizens; The Cabinet Decision No. 517 dated 25/9/1382, In the year 1395 AH, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs was established under Royal Decree No. (A / 266) dated 8/10/1395 H. It was entrusted with the responsibility of the urban planning of the Kingdom's cities and the consequent provision of roads and basic equipment, , As well as the management of services necessary to maintain the cleanliness and health of the environment in the Kingdom. In 1397 AH the decision of the Supreme Committee for Administrative Reform No. 78 on 12/6/1397 e to adopt and organize the new ministry and the establishment of regional directorates

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