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Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has undertaken various systems related to the basic mechanism of the nation, such as improvement of administrative management, local administrative and financial affairs, election, fire and disaster prevention, information communication, postal administration, fundamental system that supports the people's economic and social activities, It is a province that is responsible for administrative functions related to the foundation of the people's lives. Under the harsh circumstances surrounding Japan and around the world today, it is strongly required to advance and reform the socioeconomic system, and to develop and build a new development base of our country in the 21st century. For this reason, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, based on the proper division of roles among the national government, local governments, and the private sector, promotes administrative reform, promotes disclosure of administrative information, promotes decentralization reform, enrichment of regional tax revenue sources, We will focus on promoting measures such as ensuring the safety of citizens, strengthening the international competitiveness of the ICT industry, promoting broadcasting policies and steadily promoting postal privatization.

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