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City-Data is a Illinois-based social networking and information website that presents data and information pertaining to U.S. cities, and offers public online forums for discussion. United States cities, counties, zip codes, and neighborhoods are profiled and compared using governmental data about race, income, education, crime, weather, housing, maps, air pollution, and religions, for instance. The site contains information about home value estimates (including recent home sales), local businesses, schools (including their demographics and test scores), hospitals, libraries, tourist attractions, local businesses, restaurant inspection findings, building permits, bridge conditions, hotels, water systems, airports, cell phone towers, property tax assessments, and car accidents.

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    • junio 2015
      Fuente: City-Data
      Subido por: Knoema
      Acceso el: 19 junio, 2015
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      The dataset provides information on population, demographics, housing, businesses, crime, weather, schools and more.