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Central Statistical Office, Trinidad and Tobago

The CSO is a Division of the Ministry of Planning and Development charged with the responsibility of taking censuses in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and collecting, compiling, analyzing and publishing statistical information relating to all social and economic activities of the people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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    • octubre 2018
      Fuente: Central Statistical Office, Trinidad and Tobago
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      Acceso el: 23 octubre, 2018
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      Demographics Statistics of Trinidad & Tobago   Data retrieved from the Central Statistical Office (CSO), http://cso.gov.tt, [10/02/2018]   References Link: http://cso.gov.tt/data/?productID=31-Population-Mid-Year-Estimates http://cso.planning.gov.tt   Note:Figures are based on data from the 2011 Population and Housing Census, Annual Births, Annual Deaths and Estimated Annual Net Migration
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