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AidData is a research and innovation lab that seeks to improve development outcomes by making development finance data more accessible and actionable. Geocoding aid, or mapping the precise locations of aid activities at the sub-national level, increases aid transparency by making it easier for governments, donors, and citizens to visualize precisely where funding is directed. AidData has collaborated with the World Bank Institute, African Development Bank, Malawi Ministry of Finance, and Climate Change and African Political Stability Program (CCAPS) at the University of Texas at Austin to map projects from over 30 donors in Malawi and World Bank/African Development Bank projects in up to 144 countries. This section includes several sub-national, geospatial research datasets, generated from donor and recipient systems data (for more descriptions of donor/recipient systems, as well as AidData's sub-national, geospatial data products, please see the Data Management Plan).

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