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Alemania - Producción Neta de Electricidad Geotérmica

0,16 (billion kilowatthours) en 2017

The amount of gross generation less the electrical energy consumed at the generating station(s) for station service or auxiliaries. Electricity required for pumping at pumped-storage plants is regarded as electricity for station service and is deducted from gross generation. Geothermal plant is a plant in which the prime mover is a steam turbine. The turbine is driven either by steam produced from hot water or by natural steam that derives its energy from heat found in rock.

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Fecha Valor Cambiar, %
2017 0,16 -4,85 %
2016 0,17 79,35 %
2015 0,09 37,31 %
2014 0,07 0,00 %
2013 0,07 168,00 %
2012 0,03 31,58 %
2011 0,02 -5,00 %
2010 0,02 5,26 %
2009 0,02 5,56 %
2008 0,02
2007 0,00
2006 0,00

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