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    • julio 2014
      Fuente: Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation
      Subido por: Knoema
      Acceso el: 19 abril, 2016
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      This report is a regular publication of the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation that aims to provide trends for international arrivals to Lesotho and presents the analysis of international tourists’ arrivals to Lesotho.The analysis of International visitor arrivals to Lesotho includes; total number of arrivals to Lesotho recorded from 10 ports in a year and month, purpose of visit, mode of transport to Lesotho, how long visitors stay and country of residence. The data presented in this report was gathered from 10 ports of entry namely, Caledon’spoort, Moshoeshoe I International Airport, Vanroyeen’s Gate, Maputsoe Bridge, Sani Pass Border Post, Peka Bridge, Tele Bridge, Makhaleng Bridge, Qacha’s Nek Bridge and Maseru Bridge.