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Papúa Nueva Guinea

  • Gobernador General:Michael Ogio
  • Primer Ministro:Peter Paire O'Neill
  • Capital:Port Moresby
  • Idiomas:Tok Pisin (official), English (official), Hiri Motu (official), some 836 indigenous languages spoken (about 12% of the world's total); most languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers note: Tok Pisin, a creole language, is widely used and understood; English is spoken by 1%-2%; Hiri Motu is spoken by less than 2%
  • Gobierno:No data
  • Instituto Nacional de Estadística
  • Población:7.619.321 (2015)
  • Área:452.860 (2015)
  • PIB per cápita:2.268 (2014)
  • GDP, billion current US$:16,9 (2014)
  • Índice de GINI:43,88 (2009)
  • Ranking de Facilidad para Hacer Negocios:119 (2017)